National Conferences


About National Conferences Organization:

National Conferences Organization is a Not for Profit World class organization aims to provide a platform to innovative academicians and researchers in India .The organization also encourages research activities by organizing research training workshops, national conferences and publishing high quality research manuscripts in reputable international/National journals across globe.

Since its inception the focus of National Conferences Organization’s has been to promote Engineering, Technology and Scientific Research not only to researchers in India but also to publicize the niche capabilities of local researchers throughout Asia and further a field.

National Conferences Organization operates as an umbrella organization, promoting co-ordination and teamwork among researchers and academicians in terms of the expertise of participants around the India and World. The National Conferences Organization is a registered unit of Institute of Research and Journals and PET.

The Official website of the National Conferences Organization is

The core objectives of the organization include:

  • Advancing and encouraging research in the world
  • Publish high quality theoretical and empirical research papers
  • Building networks among academicians
  • Integrating graduates at national level
  • Bridge the gap between research and practice
  • Organizing research professional development workshops
  • Faculty development programs
  • Organizing conferences for researchers to interact with expert of the fields.